It is the policy of Brown County Schools to enroll students from other public and private schools including home schools according to administrative procedures as outlined below. Brown County Schools has the responsibility to do everything possible to insure that all students are properly placed academically in regard to grade level and to meeting the requirements for a high school diploma as prescribed by the Board of School Trustees. Upon enrolling students, parents will be informed of the corporation policies and procedures on attendance, behavior, and communication that help to maintain academic progress.

A school will be considered accredited if it is accredited by the Indiana State Board of Education , or in the case of a school outside of Indiana, by the equivalent governmental agency in that jurisdiction.


    • If the transferring student is from an “accredited” school, grades and credits earned shall be considered equivalent to grades and credits earned in Brown County Schools. Determination of the application of courses at the transferring school to course or courses of study requirements at Brown County Schools shall be made by the school’s principal within ten (10) days after receipt of adequate information from the transferring school. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to obtain all information necessary for the proper academic evaluation and placement of the transferring student. Accepted transferred grades will be considered in high school class ranking.
    • If the transferring student is from a “non-accredited” school (including a home school), grades and credits earned shall be evaluated on the basis of substantial equivalency to course or courses of study offered by Brown County Schools. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to obtain and/or provide adequate information on which to base a decision concerning substantial equivalency from the transferring school. The determination of substantial equivalency shall be made by the school’s principal by the end of the first full semester of student attendance.
    • In determining substantial equivalency for high school credits, the Principal of the Brown County High School/Designee shall consider:
        • The degree of similarity between subject matter and educational objectives of the course at the transferring school and the equivalent course at Brown County High School, and
        • The degree to which the similar educational objectives were achieved by the transferring student.
    • In determining grade-level placement for K-8, the transferring student will initially be placed at an age-appropriate grade level unless the parent requests a lower grade level. After a period of assessment by the school and the parent(s), a final determination of grade-level placement will be made.
    • The principal of the school may require written evaluation taken from a selection of assessments which may include standardized tests or teacher constructed written or oral tests to assist in determining grade placement and/or credit. Assessments will be administered under the auspices of the enrolling principal, and he/she may use these results to determine proper placement. No grades will be entered on the transcript or considered for class ranking from non-accredited schools. All high school courses meeting the criteria for credit will be given a grade of “P” (Pass) and transcripts will denote “transfer credits.”
  • Students from non-accredited schools who are going to receive academic awards and class ranking must be enrolled full-time for four (4) consecutive semesters.


Any appeal from any determination concerning academic placement of a student may be directed first to the Superintendent and then, if need be, to the Board of School Trustees. The appeal must show, in writing, that the facts do not support the determination of the school’s principal or that the recommended academic placement is not in the best interests of the child and school corporation.