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Our Mission

Brown County Schools provides the highest quality educational experiences where all students are safe, valued, inspired, civically engaged, and globally connected.

Core Values

Excellence – Brown County Schools commits to the highest standard of excellence for all.

Integrity – Brown County Schools stands on the ideals of honesty and ethics and pledges to advance the development and engagement of citizens within society.

Respect – Brown County Schools maintains the highest regard for the rights, abilities, and achievements of all members of the school community.

Inspired – Brown County Schools provides opportunities to support school community members to do, think, or feel something extraordinary within their educational experiences.

Engaged – Brown County Schools offers a variety of opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, that advance personal, academic, and extra-curricular development.

Thinking and Problem Solving – Brown County Schools develops sophisticated critical thinking and problem-solving skills allowing all members to participate in our global society.

From the Superintendent

We hope that your visit will provide you with any information about our School District that you may be seeking. I can assure you that we are committed to our Vision of providing our students with preparation to achieve success through quality instruction.

In recent years we have been recognized with a National Blue Ribbon Award at Sprunica Elementary School and with Indiana Four Star School Status at both Sprunica and Helmsburg Elementary Schools. Brown County High School is a Silver Award Rated School as the 39th ranked High School in Indiana by U.S. News and World Report. The “We the People” Team as Brown County Junior High School is the five time defending State Championship Team in the study and interpretation of the US Constitution. They are the National Runner-up Team in 2015 after being the National Champions in 2013 and 2014.

Our students are winning many individual awards in Indiana Science Fairs, National History Day competition, and other academic competitions including Spell Bowl and Math Bowl.

Brown County Schools offers our students a small school atmosphere. We have the very latest in technology opportunities for our students. We accept students who live in Brown County as well as students who reside outside the District. We are dedicated to providing your children with a quality education in a nurturing environment.

We invite you to personally experience our unique culture with a visit to any of our schools at any time. Please contact me or any of our school Principals to ask questions or set up a school visit. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Laura Hammack
Superintendent, Brown County Schools
(812) 988.6601

Board of School Trustees

President – Carol Bowden
email: cbowden@browncountyschools.com

Vice President – Vicki Harden
email: vharden@browncountyschools.com

Secretary – Amy Oliver
email: amoliver@browncountyschools.com

Member – Stephanie Kritzer
email: skritzer@browncountyschools.com

Member – Steve Miller, Jr.
email: smiller@browncountyschools.com

Virtual Meetings


School Board Meeting Procedures

Please Pick Up a Copy Of The Meeting Agenda

The agenda contains a list of all the subjects to be discussed by the board. Each subject will be brought before the board in the order printed in the agenda unless the agenda is amended by board action. The board will vote on most items but some may be for information or discussion only.

Note: Any instructions from the Board President regarding public comment at this meeting.

The board president conducts each meeting of the board.

The president may place time limitations on speakers, limit the number of speakers, or take other actions to assure that the meeting is conducted in a fair and efficient manner.

The board president may provide a variety of instructions regarding the conduct of the meeting and everyone is expected to abide by those requests. Specific directions on how to be involved in board meetings are included in this brochure.

Please . . .

Don’t stray from the agenda item being considered.

The board cannot act on topics that are not on the agenda. Comments that stray from the agenda item under discussion may be interrupted by the board president.

Do not comment on the performance of individual staff members.

You are speaking at a public meeting and your comments may appear in the newspapers and other news media. Be aware that school employees are private citizens with the same legal protections everyone has against defamatory comments. If you have a complaint regarding the practices of any staff member, those comments should be directed to the staff member involved and his or her immediate supervisor.

Avoid presenting questions to other members of the public.

Individuals presenting their views to the board should not be subject to ridicule or interrogation by other members of their community. Direct your comments to the board and encourage them to follow-up on the issues you present.

Board Meeting Protocol . . .

To be added to the agenda:

Regular agenda items are to be submitted in writing to the superintendent by 3:00 p.m. on the Thursday preceding a regular meeting. (Board Policy 2-9)

To participate when you have not requested to be on the agenda:

In some board meetings the agenda will state that comments or questions are solicited from the public. In all other meetings the audience is attending a “meeting held in public” but not a “town meeting”. That means you are not allowed to be involved in the meeting unless requested to do so by the board president.

Audience Comments:

It has been the recent practice of this board to allow for comments from the audience at selected times. The board agenda item “recognition of visitors” is one of those times. If you have not been able to get on the agenda you may request to be recognized at that time by filling out the proper form and handing it to one of the board members or superintendents prior to the start of the meeting. It is also possible to be recognized from the floor by courteously raising your hand and waiting to be recognized by the board president.

We apologize if, due to time constraints and orderly conduct of the meeting, we cannot provide time at this meeting for you. Feel free to request agenda time in the future or provide comments in writing to any board member or member of the school staff via mail, email, or telephone.

A board member may take one or all of the following actions:

  • informally discuss the issue with the superintendent or other administrators to consider whether policies or rules should be changed
  • request that the board review the specific policies that relate to the situation
  • propose new policies for the board’s consideration

Driven to

Positively Impact

Regional Prosperity Throughout
Southwest Central Indiana

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